A woman walks the night.

The night is still the same (2018)

This work emerges as a response to recent and historical attacks on women whilst walking home at night. Formed through prolonged solitary walks after dark, the series highlights my experience of the suburbia, to which it transforms into an unsettling environment as night falls. After all, women have been persecuted, attacked and murdered for doing so since the beginning of our documented history.

By operating as the modern flaneuse, I examine and challenge my personal fears of the night, which are fuelled and sustained by social issues. The term flaneuse – the female variant of a flaneur – was unofficially coined in the 21st century, representing the feminist advocacy for the freedom to roam. Through these nightly wanders, I attempt to reclaim the streets after dark. In doing so, I illustrate the obscurities and obstructions the night evokes, one that causes me to fear it.